In ancient times, Asclepia were called sacred spaces dedicated to Asclepius, a deified mortal known for the art of healing that he offered to his fellow men tirelessly.

Built in physically privileged positions, near running waters and hot springs, they were centers of civilization, structured as whole building complexes, including temples, mysterious spaces, "egkimisis" areas, residences and hostels, gyms, baths and theaters. The belief of the ancients that the individual is part of a secular order that encompasses everything was evident in all structures. The formation of space in Asclepia, with visual representations, symbols, statues of gods and heroes, was a constant reminder of patterns, archetypes that direct the individual through the emotional level to the redefinition of his nature, thereby placing himself in the Self of the cosmic function and well-being, the perpetuation of life. The knowledge of the cosmic make-up and the operation of the elements was the basis, beyond the perspective, of the placement and construction of the Asklipia. As Pausanias mentions, Asplipeus' suggested for earth and minerals to be transeferred from the Magnesia region that was rich in magnetite for the construction of the floors of Epidaurus. Spiral rock formations decorated the floors and reflected the light with colors, essential oils and music vibrated the atmosphere of the rooms not only aiming in the relaxation of the patients but also for the maximum frequency remembrance of the well-being and the beauty of nature that constitute the dynamic environment of healing of diseases.  The therapeutic program included physical exercises, walks and entertainment with theatrical performances. Healing through the "Egkimisis" was done in the sanctuary of the temple, where the patient fell into deep sleep, and achieved the complete discharge of the conscious and the taking over of the functions from the unconscious divine part of man, that has the proper program of rehabilitation and healing.

Mythology introduced the individual into philosophy and understanding of himself, as part of the cosmic essence, where the part fully embodies the totality. This aims at the smooth functioning of the brain to produce a smooth cellular pulse in the body, bringing a harmonic coexistence with the whole. The concept of health was holistic and the disease was a malfunction of the individual within the whole. If the soul is diseased, the body is weak and the soul suffers from the ignorance of the mind.

The energy grid, in which the Asklepias functioned, acted consciously in the unconscious of the soul, bringing to the surface the cause of the person's dysfunction. The stay and coexistence of patients, in the hospitals, with people (wise, philosophers, therapists) who fully understood their nature, with the abstract method of what is not, and that what is left is unchanged and all-inclusive, creating the dynamic presence of a well-functioning cellular electromagnetic pulse in the space, redefining the patient's frequency of operation, resulting in the treatment conditions.

Today, with the results of multi-year surveys, we understand our nature, as a triad, analyzing our mythology, by the three Anaktes (Zeus, Neptune, Pluto), the three basic building blocks of the universe (air, water, fire),the geometric shapes that shape the world's perspective (triangle, circle, square), the three types of man according to Hippocrates, Galen, Plato, etc. and the three translators, of the one truth,we have in our brains (pre-frontal lobe, amygdala, hippocampus) from the wise man of our time, Mr. George Paschalides, and the whole understanding of the triadic function of the universal space. We find that as long as we move away from identities, habits, axioms and qualities, by observing only thoughts, actions or reactions, when they appear, we gradually create a world view with us within it, while observing.

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