The process of understanding our organism begins with the perception that each one of us is and will always be a unified domain that will represent the divine trilogy. Medicine often considers the physical body mechanics to be the most important central aspect in the pursuit of health and tends to ignore the challenges of the spirit and feelings or to sends them to psychiatry for a separate job. However, it is inappropriate to deny the examination of the other two, cognitive functions and emotions of the divine trilogy when assessing a natural imbalance. The trilogy can not be split. We are a trilogy of body-spirit-soul or physical-mental and emotional state that can not be separated because when this breakdown occurs there is an internal conflict of the parts that are the core of the cause of the disorder. All aspects of the trilogy must be examined in order to understand the biology of the disorder. This is because the causative properties for any disorder are reflected in all parts of the trilogy. Just as the cause of the emotional disorder will manifest itself in bodily pain, in the same manner a physical pain will be imprinted on the soul and the mind. The original cause of the imbalance is always on the other side of the trilogy. Symptoms are the natural symbols of intelligent communication for the life we ​​are experiencing. They are reflections of the positive and negative perceptions of the events of life presented in physical form as guidance.

First, one needs to know that the body has rehabilitation systems to deflect the problems. A symptom of pain or stiffness may be simply the way the body draws our attention to mental disharmony. If symptoms are present for a long time or become a chronic condition that is difficult to resolve, there are significant intellectual disturbances in communicating with oneself. When this happens, the state of life is out of balance and this imbalance allows deliberate destabilization of health with symbolic guidance to draw attention to the need to resolve something in life. The most important thing to be recognized is the mechanism of spiritual communication that teaches the body and the soul to function harmoniously while enjoying the overall health of life. Just as nothing within this dimension is without purpose and reason, there is no such thing as a broken or dysfunctional part of the body without spiritual purpose and reason. No one should ever suffer seperated from the whole, staying ignorant, unable to understand the reason of the truth of self. When the teaching of self in body and soul is understood and applied, then the individual's triadic existence will enter the flow of universal evolution