“… the idea beat me like a flash of lightning, and within a moment the truth was revealed to me. With the stick I started to chise the charts in the sand … “, wrote Tesla later in his autobiography” My Inventions “. With his stick, the man who “discovered” the 20th century began to plan a engine in the soil. “Are you seeing it?”, He asked his friend, who watched speechless, “look at me now when I turn it around!” When he finished his dreadful plans, he exclaimed full of satisfaction: “That’s it! A rotating magnetic field! See how quiet it works. Sparkless. No noise. It works perfectly! “That’s how Tesla first captured the idea of ​​the rotating magnetic field and the induction motor currently used in every electric appliance. By grabbing a great secret of Nature and giving it to people, Tesla led mankind to the age of electricity …


Since the late 1880s, Tesla has met mankind with a series of scientific surprises and inventions: alternating current, inductive motors, multiphase system, high frequency currents, electric oscillator, Tesla coil, radio,X-ray (Teslogram), remote direction, automation , wireless power transmission, telegeonomics, propulsion engines, radar, interferometer, electromagnetic protection … are just some of the 700 inventions that the Serbian scientist offered to humanity.

Apart from a scientist and inventor, Tesla was a visionary of a future in which man would not have to strive for his survival, where the words rich and poor would not mean the difference in the level of material prosperity, but in spiritual abilities. Tesla was a dreamer, a pioneer, who dared to move fearlessly to the unknown, exploring new worlds of knowledge. He was a philosopher who was constantly reflecting on the great problems of mankind. A poet of science.

From the age of 34, Tesla ceased craving, hating, saddening, drinking coffee, tea or alcohol, smoking, looking in the mirror, wearing watches, rings, and eating anything cooked by someone else. He brought together all the wealth and power of his genius for a single purpose: to think and serve mankind, discovering things that would make human life easier and happier.

Tesla is the “father” of Free Energy. He envisioned a world where everyone would have free access to the inexhaustible sea of ​​energy that surrounds him. In a lecture given on May 20, 1891 in New York’s Columbia College, Tesla appealed to the enthusiastic audience, saying: “We all run together in a vast space at an incredible speed and everything around us moves, turns and is surrounded by energy. There is definitely some direct access to this energy. The electricity we extracted from the natural environment comes from this energy. Soon we will be able to draw this immense and inexhaustible natural energy with ease in huge amounts, causing mankind will progress in giant steps. ”

Life, work, ideas and visions of the Free Energy Father have inspired dozens of scientists and researchers. As the great Serbian-American inventor used to say: “Energy is everywhere and in abundance. But we are thirsty. We look like someone lying on a boat sailing in a river but dying of thirst because he does not have a glass to drink water. ”