Tesla discovered and used the fundamental law that increases the potential of Ether, the law that will structure the originally infinite, compact and perfectly homogeneous Ether. It is a principle of the independence of the parts of an inexhaustible whole of a single natural continuity. This continuation of the same natural phenomenon in today’s scientific terminology is called ,in Latin, Continuum, but also zero, infinity, whole, Eleatic being (The Being is One, eternal and indivisible), Euclidean point, void, etc.

The parts of a continuity are created according to a special algorithm that distinguishes them so that they remain in a the same total at the same time, that is infinity and it is what we call electromagnetic entities or light.

The ether is a continuous and primary medium of the universe, following the center of the universe it doesn’t exist, but it is everywhere indefinable! Not only that, but also that the law of building the universe is proportional, that is, it corresponds to the law that determines the relationship of all the points of its concentric spheres.

The ethereal space is infinite in all directions, it has only characteristic which is its radius, according to the spherical law, it embodies the spherical parts of continuity, parts of which are fragmentary and accurate. The parts of the structured ether can be synchronized and asynchronous. In the first case, there is a condensation of the subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons and neutrons. These particles are formed by the coordinated synthesis of photons with the same principles that photons are independent as individual entities in the ether. Uncoordinated parts of ether are nothing more than the space in which the tuned photons create matter.Tesla’s Etheric Technology has principles based on the level of universal existence. From this level, space and time management is also promoted. It is not the Tower itself, as long as the principles of harmonizing and harmonic oscillation of Ether are so powerful that with their understanding and application can be solved, without a doubt, all the basic problems of modern Physics, for example the transformation of energy .

With his own vacuum tube Tesla produced electrons, protons and neutrons, directly from the physical continuum. Instead of letting the proton beam travel within the space to a particular location, it created the conditions for instantaneous creation of arbitrary numbers of particles at any distance. The magnitude of electrons, protons, and neutrons was not limitde. Their different size, because they are building blocks of every universe in the cosmos, is the reason for the shift of time between the parallel worlds, all of which belong to the same continuum.




Vibration of the Ionosphere

Since the voltage difference between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface is about two million volts, the Tower, due to the continuous fluctuations between the upper and lower frequencies of the ionosphere, would eventually enter the resonance phase with the ionosphere and discharge it , as the common electrical capacitors are discharged. Because such an evacuation would be instantaneous, there was a serious risk of destroying New York! As the evacuation would look as follows, a huge column of high-energy plasma from the ionosphere would suddenly be ejected, perhaps a few hundred kilometers and everything in this place would be annihilated.

Of course, Tesla did not want to ruin New York, but with the oscillations at regular intervals he draw the energy from the ionosphere for the movement of the great Oscillator, which required a minimum voltage of one hundred million volts. As a machine for very short oscillations it used a large number of ultraviolet lamps spread over the top of the dome.


Energy of Ether

With the oscillations of uncoordinated electromagnetic fields it is possible to move the time coordinate and to recycle energy from the past and the future without affecting the stability of the electromagnetic environment. Surely this must be done with a strictly causal mathematical law that accurately determines the relationships of frequencies, otherwise the results escape control, and so unexpected disintegrations of the material objects occur, sometimes even their instantaneous exclusion from the part of our reality as it has happened for example in 1943 in the famous Philadelphia Experiment.


Time windows in parallel worlds

Since the parallel worlds have an electromagnetic structure with wavelengths and frequencies very different from our world, it is possible with composite-harmonic electromagnetic oscillations to create a partial relationship between the frequency of our world and the frequency of these other worlds, so that some scenes from there become visible in our conditions on Earth and vice versa.


Spiritual evolution of humanity

By creating a fixed higher frequency field that is harmonious with the collective electromagnetic field of human beings, gradually increasing the power of perception, as well as expanding the mental capacity to receive ideas. Each disharmony of the field (asynchronization) causes partial separation of the mental and physical field (mental and physical) which in a milder form manifests itself as cancer, psychosis and other disorders.


From Planet Earth to other parallel realities

If he had completed the system with the five transmitters, and if Tesla had put them into operation, he could cover the whole earth as a single system of coordination and thus bring it into a state of oscillation that is the feature of another part of reality, and in that way to take us into a parallel world! With this act, he probably wanted to make a mutation of the human species, accelerate the journey of culture through time and therefore cause it to improve rapidly by technical means.

Leaving the physical field, Tesla left us his valuable scientific guidance. His work clearly shows that from the various aspects, angles and interpretations the truth can never be seen altogether, as continuity can not be made by distinct parts. The nature of the truth is such that its recognition must be immediate, complete,total or not at all.


“Aristotle taught that in the universe there is a still intimacy that moves everything and thinking is its basic element. So I am also convinced that the whole universe is united in both material and spiritual terms. There is a core in the universe from which we take all the power, all the inspiration, and it attracts us forever. I feel its power and the values ​​it transmits to the whole universe and in this way it keeps it in harmony. I have not discovered the secret of this core, but I know it is there and when I want to give it a material substance then I think it is light, and when I try to understand it, then it is beauty and compassion. The one who has such a belief in himself feels powerful, work brings him joy because he feels like a tone in the harmony of the world. ” Nikola Tesla