Science is the human observation and analysis of life. Life is the Spirit that is embodied as a natural experience. So science is the observation of the Spirit, both are not really in opposition.

Forms of bioenergy treatment are considered as complementary and beneficial to medical and surgical intervention for disorder and pain for more than forty years. With important clinical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of energy medicine, bioenergy treatment began to be recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1976. The scientific limit of health and well-being began to change as a result of credible studies carried out in many accredited institutions such as UCLA, Harvard Medical, Tufts University and New York Medical College,

For many years conventional medicine has recognized that the energy flow disorders in the body are an imbalance that is indicative of illness and uses various means to monitor the energy flow in the body. Doctors examine the energy activity of the heart with Electrocardiography (ECG), the energy activity of the brain with Electroencephalography(EEG) and the energy activity of the muscles with Electromyography (EMG) activity to determine the health status of an individual. There is energy activity in all other organs and body glands as this vast vital energy system of life interconnects the body, the mind and the spirit to preserve life. Medical universities around the world are now teaching the theory and practice of energy medicine because bioenergy therapy is recognized in the clinical study as an effective way to increase the functioning of the autoimmune system.

Energy medicine is based on the fact that people are energetic organizations. We create measurable heat, produce electricity, emmit measurable light to a dark room, and we have a measurable magnetic field. According to the principles of quantum physics, we are indeed energy beings who occupy a physical body in a physical space.

Quantum physics is a scientific study of the energy structure of matter. According to particle theory, all matter is made up of extremely small particle(atoms and molecules). All particles in a pure substance are identical (there are no two different pure substances having the same particles). “All the particles have space between them.” All the particles are always moving, more energy (heat) produces more movement. All the particles are attracted to each other. Consider that this whole dimension of matter is a quantum particle soup as defined above, with the only difference being the frequency of motion in the coherent space between the particles. This represents a wide range of different types of presentation of materials in this dimension that all have the common foundations of the same energy.

The popular quantum theories in applied sciences claim that within physics, a field is an assignment of quantity at every point of space-time. A well-studied quantum phenomenon called the spin-spin interaction suggests that subatomic particles called neutrinos do not carry mass but “only information” as they are transmitted through space between the particles. Ether is a term used to describe this space or means for the propagation of light and energy and information between the particles. It has metaphysical roots, from the ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle describing this rich information space between particles as the Fifth Element. More recently, psychologist Carl Yung has suggested evidence for a common invisible intelligent relationship between people called the collective unconscious also referred to as Ether. Intelligent energy space between particles facilitates the communication of conscious thinking between people, even at a great distance. The ether concept allows the theoreticians to use quantum mechanics to describe an information-energy field of interconnections, signals, events and processes.

The information gathered from personal perceptions of life experiences is the energy of thought conveyed to these spatial paths of information within the field of bioenergy of the body. This bioenergy field is aura. This bioenergy field of the aura is your mind, where all thought processes come before being transmitted through the energy flow in your brain to translate into electromechanical impulses commanding the body to implement actions. This is the most powerful force of the conscious intention or the power of the Soul that can be applied to the physics of the materials. It can also be projected through energy transfer in the fields of bioenergy of the collective unconscious from one person to another. This is explained by the fact that the practitioners apply a conscious intention of treatment that is transferred into the therapeutic action by the therapist to the patient.

This kind of scientific observation would explain that brain waves are linear electrical pulses that radiate to the surrounding electromagnetic fields, with frequencies and pulses, carrying information as pulses and waves. With the principles of electromagnetic induction, an inverse effect enables the brain to receive signals from surrounding bioenergy fields and perceive them as information types. Through these mechanisms, brain wave effects interact with the surrounding energy fields by participating in the exchange of energies and information as pulses and waves of compatible frequencies.

A century of studying quantum physics has opened the new perspective of scientific exploration of bioenergy phenomena as the foundation behind everything. We may eventually conclude that all things are bioenergy fields within other fields, so that life itself and even the field of bioenergy in your mind can be an event within the largest bioenergy field of the “dimension of matter” . In all of this we recognize the presence of a spiritual engineering that can facilitate both the dimension and the choreographed intentional journey of the experience of life provided for every incarnated soul. It leads us to believe that science and the Spirit are not separated, but science is the physical observation and definition of spiritual structures in consistent work aiming to activate and support this overall dimension.

For over forty years, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, one of the ten leading parapsychologists of our time, has conducted research to prove or disprove the presence of the human energy system called chakra and if they actually interact with the process of thought. Bioplasma was the name that was assinged to this entity that exists in the field of aura or bioenergy of the mind. For this scientific experiment, Motoyama created a lead-lined room to isolate people from other actions and monitor them electronically.

Early studies have shown that individual are emitting measurable energy and in power failure, they also emit measurable light. More interesting was the recognition that people vary in the amount emitted. No living person emits less than 250Hz (cycles per second) of energy. However, while the majority of people emit in the lower 250-400hz series, it was recorded that some emit between 400-800Hz and others between 800-900hz.

Another series of tests tracked the human energy emission in the seven energy centers during thought. By intercom, he asked individuals to make concrete thoughts and found that when we think of specific types of thinking, energy production from a particular energy center will be elevated, proving that thought really passes through the body in these energy centers.

Also consider that the bio-energy research by Dr. Hunt in UCLA states that the human energy system runs from 250hz (circles per second) in the center of the root up to 2000hz in the center of the head. This in conjunction with the Motoyama research shows that each of the seven energy centers of the body processes a category of thought and each class operates in a different frequency range from the root to the crown that creates the distinct colors of the aura’s rainbow.

The 1st center processes the survival, wrestling or flight that thinks to create the red color of the aura.

The 2nd center processes sensual love or intimacy and security to create the orange color of the aura.

The 3rd center processes the analysis of life or making decisions to create the yellow color of the aura.

The 4th center processes the harmony of life or the whole love of life to create the green color of the aura.

The 5th center processes the volunteering intention of expression or action to create the blue color of the aura.

The 6th center processes the inner wisdom or connection of the Soul to create the purple color of the aura.

The 7th center carries out the world wisdom or the connection with the Spirit to create the white color of the aura.

We know from the science of school age that energy can be degraded (the pendulum will slow down and stop) without any other influence. When there is this slow thought energy, it is bound to clog and exhaust the self-healing cell cycle of renewal and allow for cellular damage and disorder. This slower energy of thought will eventually weaken the body over time, resulting in slower vibration of matter. This unwanted invasion of the body will be expressed as a cyst, decalcification, or benign / malignant tumors, etc., depending on the depth of emotional content, to the initial negative thought that has been somatized. This is the reason behind any disease, the balance or imbalance of the body that represents the positive or negative state of perceptions within the recorded history of life that we have experienced.

What is the state of the energy information that your human body represents and how it reaches health or illness? If you are young and carefree your body’s condition is probably healthy. If you have been through stressful situations, the energy flow of your thought through your body may have slowed down as it crosses certain areas of the body. When vital flow is reduced or excluded, the absence of self-medication will allow for degeneration and ultimately will show the symbolic physical symptoms of the disorder in the affected areas.

Since 1973 Dr Bruce Lipton has researched cell biology to find new solutions to human disorders. Early research on muscular dystrophy, studies using cloned human stem cells, focused on the molecular mechanisms that control cell behavior, led him to the new frontier of epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of cellular and physiological characteristics or external and environmental factors that activate / deactivate our genes and in turn determine how our cells read and respond to these genes. This indicates the true intellectual interactivity of the human mind and cells in our body.

When examining the principles of quantum physics and how they could be incorporated into the understanding of cell information processing systems, Dr. Lipton produced revolutionary studies on the cell membrane. This revealed that the outer membrane layer of the cell was an organic counterpart of a computer chip. The research in Medicine School of Stanford University, between 1987 and 1992 showed the environment, which operate through the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes. His discoveries, which contradict the previous scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, has resulted in one of the most important fields of study today, the science of epigenetics. Two important scientific publications that emerged from these studies have determined the molecular paths that connect the mind of thought and the body of matter. Many later works by other researchers have since ratified these discoveries and concepts.

In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr Lipton presents surprisingly new scientific findings on the biochemical effects of brain function, indicating that all the cells in your body are affected by your thoughts, which can prove beneficial or not.

Considering cells as tiny individuals makes it easier to understand their physiology and behavior. You can see yourself as a busy community of over 50 trillion atomic cells. Every cell is an intelligent being that can survive on its own. These intelligent cells are inspired by intention and purpose. There is an observable native mechanism of “intelligence” with which cells grow. Like humans, individual cells analyze thousands of stimuli from their living microenvironment. By analyzing this data, each cell that has purpose and reasoning will adapt to the changing circumstances.

High-tech laboratories of modern researchers have revealed the fine chemical modifications of DNA and DNA-related proteins that allow organisms to adapt to their environment and pass these adjustments to their offspring without altering the structure of DNA molecules. Genetic mutations that produce evolution arise from an organization’s “need” to adapt to life-threatening environmental pressures, so developmental changes are not accidental and largely environmentally predictable.

If the 50 trillion cells of your body community are created and renewed in an environment that circulates freely with your conscious thought, excluding the pressures, how much will the health of your body’s community get affected from the environment? The biology of your own belief determines the quality of your health and life!

Previous descriptions from science on how thought permeates and affects our body suggests that “all illness” is born out of anxiety. Our cells simply adapt to the thoughts of the anxious environment we endure, which unlocks our health defense to show results to the symptoms. As long as medical science can observe and measure these results, it does not mean that the prognosis must always follow the expected course. This adaptation is in progress and can equally be transformed into a balanced outcome of the recession of disorder and excellent health, but it is dependent on finding the stressors behind the symptoms and their resolution, how we think about anxiety factors in a different and healthy way. Other factors in the chronic situation include how we think about our authentic belief. Do our thoughts tend to be critical or negatively dominated? Do we believe in the disorder more than we believe in our right and our ability to defeat it?

The mistaken belief and the stress of misleading thought are at the heart of the illness. Just as the disease can develop into a real, observable and measurable basis in our lives, so changing with the right beliefs, choosing to think differently, can reverse the process and cause any disease to recede. All you need to achieve health is the willingness to explore with self-esteem the habits that took you away from life and health. The opening to change your life is love.