Energy therapy contributes as a revitalization of the bioenergy system that balances and stimulates maximum flow, activating the immune system. The healer does not use his or her own energy to provide healing but uses conscious intention to resolve the symptom by redirecting the vital bioenergy flow that contains the information the body needs to heal. The therapist directs the body's energy to restore the flow, increase the consistent healthy performance of vital energy that activates the immune system's collagen to revitalize the cell structure and provide energy information with the intention of resolving the problems. In other words, the therapist supplies the body with the information contained in bioenergy that is necessary to recover the proper functioning of the self-healing system and the body begins to heal, recover the natural flow, the cellular structure begins to adapt to the new balanced information and is usually only a matter of time before health is restored.

Physical bioenergy information, applied to brainwave science, provides a technical basis for developing understanding of the theory of bioenergy therapy, based on the fundamental principles of conduction, induction, physical electromagnetic field and electric circuits. In essence, bioenergetic processing creates variations in the zero-point vacuum field, called Ether, and in turn changes the characteristics of the atom's mass. It has been shown that conscious intention causes increased electromagnetic fields. The conscious intention of the therapist to apply therapy to the surrounding actions of his hands creates a change in the field of bioenergy and a new opportunity to influence the positive change of treatment from the disequilibrium or illness of the subject.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is known to be a structural component of the immune system. Collagen is what knits the broken bones together. A clinical study has shown that a consistently higher flow of vital energy through the body activates collagen in self-healing activity of the invigorating cellular structure. This means that if the flow of bioenergy is clear and fast, through cellular body revitalization (self-healing), there is a steady process that locks the disorder and slows down cell damage. If the body's bioenergy flow is blocked for any reason, collagen is not activated and body areas allow the disorder to appear faster.

What we consider as physical materialistic mass of the body is in fact subatomic particles of energy information that have more space than mass. All the materials are a representation of the information that is transferred to its energy, and this includes living beings too. Originally at birth, cellular information of the body is that of the consciousness of the soul, which became the embryo of the physical form. The body is a natural consciousness! It is actually a hard drive on the computer that records and adapts its balance state to represent any change in the perception of life that it consciously experiences. We experience the imbalance of stress in our life as a symptom of the body. This is why the imbalance of disease in any given part of the body has a symbolic meaning that reflects the real life experience that was the original cause.

Energy change as a treatment was used from the appearance of man. Modern science, thanks to quantum theory, recognizes that energy is a medicine. Great vibratory positive energy promotes healing. High vibratory negative energy prevents treatment. Every ancient society around the world used or continues to use energy therapy. They knew the treatment was more than simply healing the wounds or treating the fever. They understood that thoughts and other invisible threats caused or contributed to psychological and physical illnesses. They knew how to get treatment through the sphere of matter and within the psychological and spiritual dimensions. As modern medicine developed, the body and mind ended up being considered separate entities and adopted a more physical approach to healing. Now we are experiencing a revival of the energy treatment. Quantum physics has proven that everything is energy and everything affects something else. Scientists calculate what the ancients always knew: there is a unified energy field that composes everything. Objects, thoughts, feelings, space between objects, light, sound, etc. Although there is no point where your energy ends and the energy of another person, thing or thought begins, there are energies that make up what you perceive as material objects. The energy of thought affects the energy concentrations that your body creates. The quality of your thoughts matters. When negative energy in the form of thoughts and emotions becomes dominant in our energy field, then we will certainly experience psychological or physical problems. The energy flow within the body was precisely reflected in the meridian channels and in the energy centers, in the vertical and horizontal flow. In these channels the therapist aims to harmoniously bring again the free flow of energy into the body and the spirit.