questions about bio-energy therapy

Do you feel tired, vulnerable or morose?

Do you have physical pains that reduce your energy?

Perhaps your bio-energy has been disturbed!   

What factors disrupt the balance of bioenergy?

“The most basic factor is bad human relations. Eternal selfishness, jealousy, hatred, depreciation, oppression, envy, and even the indifference of some people harm those who receive all this negative energy. ”

What does imbalance cause?

“The most obvious indication of the decline in the bioenergy field is sadness and suppression of creative activity. Wounded emotions, when they last long, act as a brake on the self-healing mechanism: the tendency and intensity of bioenergy is falling, our vital organs can not respond to their work, and our defensive mechanism relaxes. Of course, there are external causes that cause imbalance, such as poor nutrition. However, it is known that 80% of physical problems have psychological causes. A well-balanced bioenergy organism can cope with the most difficult conditions. ”

How do we understand that our energy is not balanced?

“Unfortunately, we often do not understand it. We pretend to be joyful, but all this poison, slowly and steadily, wears us off and, ultimately, becomes a habit and a way of life. Until our medical examinations are suddenly not good or we find that everything around us is not going well. Misfortunes, failures, we blame everything and we generally feel like strangers, wherever we are. When man loses his creativity and his laughter, surely something is wrong with his energy. ”

Can we protect or strengthen our energy?

“The most effective way is to become more friendly with ourselves and nature and more cooperative with our nature, without prejudice, fear, insecurity, suspicion, jealousy, hatred, vengeance, undermining and bad competition. We must struggle to keep our face relaxed and bright. It is the best shield. Also, biotherapy can make a substantial contribution to protecting and enhancing our energy. ”

How does biotherapy work?

“There is no relevant education on these issues because they are more empirical and less rational. Initially, the therapist should have the ability after training to detect where there are bio-energetic disorders to intervene. The biotherapist is not a doctor, in the sense of classical medicine. He is interested in the cause, bioenergetic disorder, and not the symptom itself. He works, in a way, simitively at a bioenergy level. He becomes a mirror in the body of the patient and through his own sensory mechanism he detects the disorders “.

How is the treatment applied?

“After identifying the bioenergetic disorders, the healing process begins, based on the principle of communicating vessels. Perhaps the example is inexcusable, but I can not explain it more simply. The therapist, with the appropriate manipulations, which differ from case to case, with his own bioenergy, complements where there is a shortage or smoothes where there is a congestion in the healing energy field. When this is accomplished, energy balancing begins in the two hemispheres of the brain and thus on both sides of the body. ”

What does the patient feel?

“In the process of the session the healer feels on his body vibrations, energy flow, cold and heat shifts, as the case may be. Generally, it’s a very enjoyable process. After healing, he initially feels his mood change, then his thoughts become clear, and finally, physical discomfort gradually subsides. This process may take days, weeks or even months. It is good to repeat the session until the self-healing mechanism wakes up “.

In which cases is biotherapy appropriate?

“The treatment of bodily pain, whether it’s injuries, headaches, migraines, tiredness, atony, breathing or digestive problems, arises from the stimulation of the self-healing mechanism of the patient. Biotherapy approaches holistically the human being, since it acts on all three sides (physical body, emotions and mind), which make up the human personality and must be in proportional balance. Let’s not forget that a healthy mind can keep a body healthy “.


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