Nassim Haramein on The Quantum Science of Personal & Global Healing

The Science of Global Healing

There is the concept of space memory which suggests that we leave pieces of memory in space and that they have certain moral consequences. Recent discoveries have shown that particles are not only entangled in space but they’re entangled in time. The term spacetime was coined by Einstein as a result of his equations and the fact that he saw that space and time were intricate to each other. That means that time is not what we think of it as because the concept we have of time is based on the concept of evolution. It’s information on the structure of space that gives the linear concept of time, but this information is not isolated. Nassim speaks about the science behind the idea that we are all quantumly entangled and examples of its impact include an instance where 100,000 people meditated in a park in Boston and crime decreased for 5 years. The same space where that was possible is the space where global healing and personal healing can take place. How they occur is neither mystical nor caused by anything outside of ourselves, but rather how they occur is fundamental to the way things work.

“We have this capacity to heal ourselves, to heal the world, we can” – Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein interview at Inspired Evolution

Listen to the full interview here

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