Palm Emission Measurement and Frequency Change

Palm Emission Measurement and Frequency Change

Frequency measurement and analysis according to the ITEM’s Resonant Field Imagining study in the frequency range White 200.2-202.4 MHz


Health level color interpretation “White”  

  • The pure high frequency energy projected by this part of the body indicates a bioenergy efflux, usually in the form of excessive biological energy or mental energy of the brain waves. This bioenergy shows a static discharge of bioenergy as a continuous stream associated with the general emotional release or release of bioenergy from natural stress.

Psychological level color interpretation “White”

  • Pure high frequency energy is projected from this part of the body. It indicates the release of bioenergy, usually in the form of emotional release. It can also indicate a mental or emotional state centered on the power of life, energies, purity and truth.


Fixed white frequency transmission at 12.6MHz


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