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Energy Therapy

  • Is aiming for a bioenergetic orientation, restoring the natural energy flow of the body, breaking down the points of over-functioning or under-operation, creating a more orderly cellular pulse throughout the body with effects on the functioning of the self-healing mechanism.

The power of the steady, smooth, electromagnetic signal of the transmitter drives the weak, deceptive, receiver signal into a more harmonious function, boosting the body, creating the conditions for self-healing.

Multi-year studies have shown significant improvements and rehabilitations for the following symptoms

  • pain spots, muscle wounds and injuries
  • system over-function, anti-inflammatory and angiotensive action
  • in subfunctions of systems that tend to degenerate organs
  • it balances the hormonal system, the immune system and the stress management system
  • neuromuscular dysfunctions of the peripheral and central nervous system
  • Improvement of skin diseases
  • Neurodegenerative symptoms (residual functional capacity, disorganization of motor and neurological function and level of consciousness, awareness and communication), dystonia.
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain – Sciatica, Rahiopathy
  • Fibromyalgia – Idiopathic chronic pain syndromes
  • Nerve disorders, neuropathies, migraines, headaches.
  • Arthritis and periarthritis (tendinitis) of upper and lower limb joints
  • Anxiety phobia, neurophytic disorders, sleep / alertness disorders, memory, concentration and behavior, depression

The sensation of the re-flow of energy to the body through Bio-Energy Therapy creates the prerequisite for smooth operation and restoration to the primary frequency of healthy cell pulses and self-healing of the body.

Human Light Sense Measurement System

With the two-parameter recording system, internal flow and external emissions, and four measurement methods

  • Diagnosis of electrical permeability from Voll meridians
  • The response of the body’s electrical circuit with Kirlian electro-photography of terminal points
  • The imaging of the body’s thermal radiation using the infrared camera FLIR Science and Research
  • The recording of the frequencies of the electromagnetic field emissions using the RFI Aura system from Item

We offer

  • Recording,  diagnosis and change of the energy health level of the individual
  • Recording of the progress of the therapeutic and rehabilitation techniques

The Human Light Sense measurement system

  • Offers to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative therapies, chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, energy therapy, trigger point, etc.
  • and is available at their respective training centers to monitor and optimize their techniques

based on the research of international standards, by physicians and doctors such as Dr. Anton S. Antonov and Dr. Ignat Ignatov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Fritz-Albert Popp, founder of the International Biophysics Institute of Neuss, Kirlian diagnosis based on Professor Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, and research centers such as Innovation technologies and energy medicine (ITEM) resonant field imaging and the American Academy of Thermology


Bioenergy Therapist

Kalogiannidis Georgios


Human Light Sense Measurement System Manager

Communication / Research


Makridou Evangelia

License holder of Scientific Research on Innovative Technologies and Energy Medicine