Innovation technologies and energy medicine

ITEM was established in 1994 as an American company, “Institute of Energy Medicine Technology”, aiming at the development of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of energy medicine and bioenergy science.

RFI and the presumption of the existence of Aura, is based on the principle that all mental activity is electromagnetic. Therefore, our psychological and emotional activities are sent throughout the body as electrical pulses, radiating electromagnetic fields out of the body, which are characteristic of the mental activity that created them. Indeed, even the simplest movement of individuals will produce a quantifiable electromagnetic field. This is observed in the case of charged radioisotopes, but even neutral atoms and molecules will emit a field through the valence of charged infrared particles. As evidenced by experiments of Russian technology Tesla in the 1950s, this phenomenon causes prokaryotic organisms to produce an external electromagnetic field, which consists of combined radiation from millions of molecules in the biological body. The RFI system accurately detects and interprets 15 bioenergy colors, which represent all 15 distinctive colors of the optical spectrum, giving it maximum usability with detailed and accurate images and interpretations. By mapping the electromagnetic fields surrounding the human body, imaging the Aura using RFI gives a tangible initial target to psychological analysis. This formula translates all detectable electromagnetic frequencies into their scientific objective colors. In this way, Aura colors can be detected by detecting the exact frequency of bioenergy at a particular location. The actual color of bioenergy can be determined using the optical spectrum corresponding to the bioenergy frequency number detected. This technique helps us to instantly measure changes in the subject’s field before, during and after treatment.

In ten years of research in this field, ITEM has found that emotion itself is essentially an energy response to a perception. First, one has the perception of himself and one’s environment. This concept, which is a mental process, causes characteristic electrical impulses in the brain, which can affect the relevant parasympathetic, nervous or endocrine glands (e.g., a perception of fear excites the adrenal glands through the brain). Since the brain is neurologically connected to the entire human body, these electrical impulses can travel throughout the central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, creating the characteristic electric fields. Current research also shows that certain levels of Aura bioelectric fields are caused by more natural events in a biological organism. Biological activity such as autonomic responses originates from cellular and electrochemical changes, thus creating a thermodynamically favorable environment for converting metabolic kinetic energy into electromagnetic energy. In this process, the “complexes” of bioenergy identify a dynamic field that differentiates according to the neurological information that stimulates it. Since the muscles and the skin are not an obstacle to such electromagnetic energy, the field of bioenergy can radiate out of the body to make what we call Aura. According to the above biophysics, information about the “health” state, the body is available from the coordination of subcellular effects, almost the same as the prokaryote. Any reduction in homeostasis, including parasitic infection, genetic mutation, arterial contraction, etc., will produce a corresponding modification in the bioelectric field. RFI is an attempt to quantify and objectively interpret such modifications.