Semion Davidovich Kirlian was a Russian inventor and researcher of Armenian descent, who along with his wife Valentina Khrisanovna Kirlian, a teacher and journalist, discovered and developed the kirlian photo. Kirlian Photography is a process that uses high voltage pulse frequencies to imprint an image surrounded by a luminous aura. A Russian bio-physicist comes with bio-plasma theory to explain the Kirlian phenomenon as it was called.

The bioplasma is explained as a stream of subatomic particles moving inside and outside living tissue and was claimed to be able to reveal important information about life processes. Ten years before Kirlian’s discovery, the Russian embryologist Alexander Gurwitsch showed that living tissue released photon emissions in the UV range of the spectrum, which showed significant correlations between biological and physiological functions. The latest scientists, Cohen, Popp and Yu Yan, have provided evidence that biological rhythms are associated with bio-photon or light emitted by the human body. They also noted that the integrity of light emissions was correlated with how healthy was an individual.

The Kirlian camera is not a camera in the true sense of the word, as it does not have a lens. Instead of a lens it uses a positively charged plate (cathode) and a negatively charged point (anode) and a sheet membrane to capture the image. The membrane is placed on the cathode and the subject is placed over it. When the subject is placed on the film, it becomes the negative or the anode. The resulting image is called Kirlian photo. Of course, with the development of the digitally activated Kirlian camera, all of this is recorded directly on the computer.

When a very low intensity,high-voltage electric charge of a specified frequency and waveform is sent to the cathode, a crown or spark formation is created when the potential difference between the anode and the projection plate is large enough to cause a free electron launch from the positive plate. (Display Plate).

The free electron accelerates to the object and collides mainly with nitrogen atoms in the air, causing them to eject their unique orbital electron. During this process a photon of light appears in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum. Thus, when the electrical potential reaches a certain point, millions of electrons are extracted from their orbiting envelopes that collide with other atoms, which neutralize their electrons. This mass of activity ionizes the surrounding air by creating negative and positive electric paths to travel. This creates lighting as strips to appear in the visible and ultraviolet light spectrum.

This phenomenon is known in physics as cold electron emission or crown discharge. What interests Kirlian’s researchers is how the atom reacts to this highly charged process and how the orbit of electrons is affected by this reaction.

It is understandable that certain environmental conditions and the nature of the subject will affect the field of radiation, but what has fascinated Kirlian researchers for decades is the unknown forces that are contained in this mix.

The photo of the radiation field is just one of the technological tools that can be used to see this invisible world. The part and the whole are intrinsically linked. Each part of the body contains information about the whole. Iridologists, reflexologists and acupuncturists use maps that believe reflect the whole body and soul within the legs, eyes and pulses.

Kirlian electrograms are usually taken from the hands. Normal arms reflect aspects of the psychological state. Any strong emotional response can produce results in the hands. They can become red, pale, soaked, dry or tense in response to sudden emotion. These and other psychological activities produce subtle changes in the field of radiation around the hands that can be visualized by the electrographic process. It is known that nerve fibers from the right hemisphere of the brain cross and exercise some control on the left side of the body, as the left hemisphere fibers cross the right side of the body. A Kirlian electrogram is thought to reflect the electrical activity of the mind and body in the electromagnetic fields around the body.

Holes, gaps, bottlenecks, and imbalances are signs of interruptions in energy flow and indicate differences between mind, body, and spirit. While a continuous, smooth flow of energy shows balance. These energy signatures are made visible through the Kirlian electroporation process.

The main advantage of this pioneering method is that through the interpretation of the electrophotographs of fingertips, hands and legs we can understand the state of the organic systems that could be responsible for the symptoms of a disease, and to anticipate its future appearence.

This is because the state of the energy fluid of all body organs and systems is mirrored in the meridians (energy streams) and visible through electrophotography at the terminal points, hands and feet.

Thus, in the picture of the electro-radiation you can see all the abnormalities in the organic systems as well as the signs of past diseases or the indications for possible future illnesses.

Another important advantage of this method is that one can verify by successive electrophotographs how and when the treatment applied works, whether it is correct and whether the patient reacts positively or negatively to it.