Our equipment


Thermal Imaging System

FLIR A325sc Infrared Camera

For thermal imaging, a specialized infrared-sensitive camera is used to capture images of the surface temperature of the human body.

This ability is being offered by the FLIR A325science Infrared Camera

With FLIR software, the metrics convert to live images, which are, in fact, a reflection of the autonomic nervous system. Changes in neurological and musculoskeletal systems, caused by dysfunction or trauma, can be easily monitored.

In the diagnosis of pain syndromes, infrared imaging has the unique ability to visualize physiology, allowing the patient to be monitored and its progress to be obeserved throughout the treatment.


Electrophotography of Kirlian aura

JAK3000 Digitally enabled Kirlian Camera

Kirlian Photography Technique is a simple and fast measurement of the individual’s electrical response. The diagnosis is recorded by taking a finger photo,because fingers are the terminal points that unload energy which penetrates the body from the meridian channels.


Numerous surveys have recorded detailed maps and interpretations of the unloading crown of the fingers. Holes, gaps, bottlenecks, and imbalances are signs of interruptions in energy flow and indicate differences between mind, body, and spirit. While a continuous, smooth flow of energy shows balance. These energy signatures are made visible through the Kirlian electroporation process.


Another important advantage of this method is that one can verify by successive electrophotographs how and when the treatment applied works, whether it is correct and whether the patient reacts positively or negatively to it.


For this purpose our lab uses the Kirlian JAK3000 Digital Camera, which allows us to take Kirlian photos to HD video. It records full color Kirlian photos, with details, in real time.



Measurement of Aura electromagnetic field frequencies


RFI system from ITEM company

The RFI ITEM Aura consists of a sensor that accurately detects the frequency,in MHz, of the electromagnetic field you measure, and the software interprets these frequencies in 15 bioenergy colors, which represent all 15 distinct colors of the optical spectrum. By mapping the electromagnetic fields surrounding the human body, imaging the Aura using RFI ITEM software gives a tangible initial objective to the psychological analysis of the individual by decoding the frequencies in their respective colors and interpretations based on global research Technology of Energy Medicine. It also provides us with the ability to record and interpret bio-activities in places, animals, plants and objects in order to understand the environment we live in and the changes made by people’s emissions to it.


Bio-diagnosis of electro-permeability

Express Test scanner from BioMedis Technology

Bios-diagnosis is used to conduct a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s energy health and balance. This process involves measuring the electrical conductivity at response points (acupuncture meridian points) on the skin. These metrics are recorded to provide a profile of a client’s current status.



BioMedis EXPRESS TEST is used to measure the electrical current flowing through each meridian, identifying which instrument or instrumentation systems is balanced, weakened or overstressed in the body.

An important advantage of this method is that one can verify by successive electrophotographs how and when the treatment applied works, whether it is correct and whether the patient reacts positively or negatively to it.





Express  Biotest

The “Biotest” Express device enables every person to control the status of the energy meridians and the adaptive abilities of the body, the levels of stress and the balance of energy loss-rehabilitation. The device records the heart rate for four to five minutes in a photoplethysmograph through the handcuff sensor, which is placed on a finger of the hand. Biotest connects to the computer through a USB port. The BioTest or BioTest Easy software is installed on the computer, where the results are automatically displayed immediately after the measurement. The device analyzes the heart rate pulse wave data based on the traditional methods of Asian medicine and the methods of diagnosis of the physical state from the variability of the heart rate.