In 1954 Dr. Reinhold Voll, a physician and acupuncturist in Germany, developed a sensitive biofeedback instrument to accurately measure the energy level of organs and body systems. This is called EAV (electrical acupuncture according to Voll). Today, this technology is being promoted by linking the latest research in the field of human energy to advanced computer technology and the ability to encode a list of information in the program.

Bio-diagnosis is used to conduct a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s energy health and balance. This process involves measuring the electrical conductivity at response points(acupuncture meridian points) on the skin . These metrics are recorded to provide a profile of a client’s current status. The test does not use needles and is completely non-invasive.

According to European medical research, acupuncture points are related to body organs and organ systems. Major groups of points are connected via channels or meridians. A detector is used to measure the electrical current flowing through each meridian, determining which instrument or organ system of the meridian is balancing, weakening or accentuating.

After the initial measurements are taken and recorded, the results can be revised. If the values are above or below the balance, the extended computer database of the system will allow the examination of a wide range of possibilities that could help the client to regain balance.

Overall, biofeedback provides a completely non-invasive method for obtaining valuable information about vital body functions. The primary objective of this test is to reveal forms of anxiety and provide feedback for use in a personally designed program to help restore each meridian to a healthy balance.

An important advantage of this method is that one can verify by successive measurements how and when the treatment is working, whether it is correct and whether the patient reacts positively or negatively to it.