Find Your Balance!!!

The Unified Field Theory, quantum mechanics, all knowledge of the frequencies and the electromagnetic field, enables us to practically tune in to a harmonic frequency with the world and the universe, with ourselves!

Electromagnetic field therapy is based on the resonate of harmonic frequency, which restores the body to its natural functionality. The harmonic resonate of the individual during the treatment, creates an increase in bio-pulse, providing the body with the dynamics it needs to remove bio-magnetic information that blocks energy flow. Rejuvenates bio-energy, unblocks stress and strengthens the immune system.

The healing process offers a complete experience of resonate and interaction, this experience automatically expanding the field of consciousness and opens the door to a new world of possibilities!

The healer does not use his or her own energy to provide healing but uses conscious intention to resolve the symptom by redirecting the vital bioenergy flow which contains the information that the body needs to heal.


Bio-Energy Chiropractic therapy

Diagnostic methods are used that lead us to the real cause of the disease, then Bio-Energy Chiropractic treatment works at all levels for effective and radical healing.

The sensation and immediate visualization of the return of the energy flow to the body, create the condition for smooth operation and restoration to the primary frequency, healthy cell pulse, self-healing of the body.

Treatment is in the context of harmonious coexistence and complementation of alternative and conventional medicine.

Change In Health Level

Diagnosis of BioMedis scanner before and after Bio-Energy Chiropractic therapy session

Change of energy level of health / responsiveness of organic systems with diagnosis Biomedis scanner. Measurement of the parameters of electro-conductivity of biologically active points, before and after the Bio-Energy Chiropractic therapy session, with direct results in the management and transmission of the balance of the operating systems.



Change of energy response

Kirlian imprinting before and after the Bio-Energy Chiropractic therapy session

Change of energy level of health / responsiveness of organic systems with imprinting of Kirlian Electrophotography. The diagnosis is recorded by taking a finger photo, because fingers are the terminal points that unload energy that penetrates the body from the meridian channels. Measuring values before and after the Bio-Energy Chiropractic therapy session, with immediate results in managing and transmitting the balance of operating systems.

Imprinting of alteration on a ischemic hand, after wounding, with a thermal camera during the Bio-energy Chiropractic Treatment

Imaging of thermal emission change and restoration of the autonomic nervous system balance. Measurements are a reflection of the autonomic nervous system. Recording during the Bio-Energy Chiropractic treatment session, with immediate results in restoring blood microcirculation and eliminating pain symptoms in an ischemic hand after injury.



Physical Bioenergy Chiropractic Techniques

Kalogiannidis Georgios

Human Light Sense Measurement System Manager

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Makridou Evangelia

License holder of Scientific Research on Innovative Technologies and Energy Medicine

Energy therapy is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but to supplement it. If the symptoms persist or if a condition is severe, please consult a doctor immediately.