Energy Information and Quantum Medicine

Everything is made devibrations, including the human body. Quantum Therapy is based on the use of energy and quanta of electromagnetic fields of human CRPS (same system as MRI) to investigate and issue the appropriate range of fréquznces the diagnosis, prevention and regeneration health of the person, represents the foundation of quantum therapy.

Discoveries and advances in quantum physics tell us that matter is both wave and particle. Accordingly, under the care of the human body, there are two types of therapeutic interventions, either chemical or vibrational nature. The PS10 offers appareiul rayonex therapy based exclusively on quantum vibration intervention conceernant matter.

By 1978, research engineer Paul Scmidt lead to the discovery that the malfunctioning of our body traversed the same route before becoming physically noticeable. It is possible to remedy a problem even before the disturbance causes physical problems and that the condition is proved.

Therefore, quantum medicine is an approach that is not based on the action of the chemical involved in the body, but reactions to waves of electromagnetic fields applied to the organism in order to bring it back to its point equilibrium, also called a “stable condition”. The therapy acts on quantum informational molecules and cell and chain reaction interacts with living tissue and whole organism. Quantum medicine recognizes the fundamental interdependence between body and mind at all stages of life. It also takes into account the spiritual dimension of the person as an inescapable fact.

Vibrational level and disease – Find the good vibrations

All our body is made of energy. Each cele in a mini oscillating circuit as show on the admirable work of Georges Lakhosky nearly a century. We consider that the area of an healthy way vibratory rate is beetwen 7000 and 9000 Bovis Unit (BU) measured by dowsing. For over ten years, we observe that the average tends to increase. Sometimes we reach the record of 9500 (BU) or even 10000 BU. A state taht is for some people it leads to open mind and consciousness to other dimensions. Unfortunately, the decline of these vibrational frequencies is much more common. The causes come from an unbalanced lifestyle. Thus, as we know too well in our society: stress, industrial food, sedentary lifestyle, bad breath, tobacco, drugs… But also come to play, the negative thought about oneself and others, the disruption geobiological places to live, artificial electromagnetic field. Thus, when the vibratory rate falls below 6000 BU, the peson arrives in an area prone to disease. Each disease corrsponds to a vibrational level of its own, and it is, teh more severe disease.

The vibratory rate of disease

When the vibratory rate of the body is about 6000 UB, we are in the area of fatigue and infections. The bodt starts to vibrate at the frequency of microbes that can ve easily caught by the law of resonance or the law of attraction. The decreasing in the vibratory rate corresponds to certain disease. for example:

depression: 5700 BU

Reumatism: 5200 BU

Multiple sclerosis: 4500 BU

Cancer: 2500 BU

AIDS: 2000 BU

In case of disease, one of the first things to do is to raise the vibratory rate of the patient in complement of the medical treatment receive by the patient.. Quantum therapy is a valuable aid in the range of therapies th help the patient needed so.

Natural biological treatment means treatment in all levels

body, mind and soul.

Quantum medicine

Quantum medicine is a type of medicine which uses scientific findings in physics – in particular quantum physics – which are then used for diagnosis and therapy.

At the end of the 19th century, Max Planck discovered the Planck constant (named after him), a photon of light, currently the smallest identifiable unit of energy. The old laws of Isaac Newton of absolute space and time were relativised by Albert Einstein at the start of the 20th century, and they were subsequently overruled by other physicists (J. Barbour 1999). In 1925, the belief in solid matter was shocked by the Schrödinger equation. Carlo Rubbia (shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1984) said in 1984 that “matter is one billionth part of reality”.

In 1990, Davis discovered the spinning of electrons and therefore their ability to bond changes with our thoughts, and he coined the phrase that “nature is a slave of our imagination”. This means that a human being can influence nature through the power of their mind.

Incorrect information causes disease through an order disturbance. Health consists of optimum order through correct information.

Therefore, therapy has to re-establish order through change of information at the right place, and at the right time.

At Princeton University, US, experiments were performed with a thought-reading device, by using a diode. They recorded students’ thoughts consisting of “+” and “-“ via a computer. Even though there was no direct connection to the computer, significant differences were observed for “+” and “-“ thoughts.

As part of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), this was also measured through the worldwide networking of 127 probes during global events.


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