Human Light Sense was created to offer you the restoration of your physical and mental health.

We investigate in depth the causes that caused health problems over time,
controlling the body’s electrical permeability (energy flow) system.
By intervening bio-energy at the root of the problem, we re-establish the body in physical functioning, based on the Global Scientific and Technological Studies of Energy and Classical Medicine, in a holistic approach to health.
Energy therapy strengthens the whole body,
restoring balance and creating healthy conditions for the individual.
Health problems or illnesses arise from a failure or an inhibition of energy.
We lead you to a definitive solution to health problems with a personalized treatment program tailored to your individual needs, including management consulting guidance, based on the triadic mental function and nutritional counseling enhancing the beneficial elements of each organization.

The Unified Field Theory, quantum mechanics, all knowledge of the frequencies and the electromagnetic field, enables us to practically tune in to a harmonic frequency with the world and the universe, with ourselves!


 Bioenergy / electromagnetic field therapist

Kalogiannidis Georgios


Human Light Sense Measurement System Manager

Communication / Research

Makridou Evangelia

License holder of Scientific Research on Innovative Technologies and Energy Medicine

Head of Scientific Research in Medical Physics