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Energy Therapy & Measurement System Of Energy Recovery Progress

Energy Treatment
Bioenergetic change contributes to the treatment as a revitalization of the bioenergy system, that balances and stimulates maximum flow, activating the immune system in a high-healing state.


Science & Philosophy
How can an element change form and become something completely different? These questions have been addressed among other things by the so-called Eleazan philosophers ...


The human body emits light, heat and low level acoustic energy. It has electrical and magnetic properties ...


Find Your Balanace!!!

You feel tired, vulnerable or morose?

Do you have physical pains that reduce your energy?

Maybe your bioenergy is disturbed!

  • What factors disrupt the balance of bioenergy?
  • What causes the imbalance?
  • Can we protect or enhance our energy?
  • How does biotherapy work?
  • In which cases is biotherapy appropriate?


Our Services

Human Energy Emission Measurement System

Recording digital data of the bioenergy field of the human body and the environment,

in accordance with the world's four-parameter quantification of energy emission measurement.

Bioenergy Chiropractic Techniques

They aim at the mental, physical and psychological well-being of man and his ability to live in harmony with his environment.

Recording measurements of bioenergetic health values before and after treatment.

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Human Light Sense Welcomes You!

"Three geometric shapes that shape the image of the visible world.

Three fundamental elements that structure the fabrication of the material world.

A vital force that holds back and unifies everything.

And three translators separate the unity ...

The analysis of the symbolisms, that is to say, the formations of the person's image, leads to an understanding of their function in the whole.

Eventually it's possible to see the same picture! "- Human Light Sense